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Organising your plants, what to consider?

Some of the important issues you may be facing when choosing your plants and even one that your local nursery may ask is what is your soil type, don’t worry this can be changed or controlled but important to know nevertheless. Different plants will thrive in acidic while others in alkali, see my post on […]


Do I build my Retaining Wall from Timber or Stone?

Some of the questions that people face is of course what to build their Retaining wall out of, which material will last the longest, which is the cheapest etc. I believe it is always a matter of what we call your Theme,     All of the materials available for building a retaining wall will […]


Garden Ornaments.

    Ornaments can be used in the garden for all kinds of reasons, but the main reason for garden ornaments is simply to add character and create a particular theme in your landscape design. For example, a country theme might have objects throughout the garden that will give a country atmosphere. Old wagon wheels, […]