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Timber Types, What should you use?

    Treated Timber has been used for many years now and for a while we were able to get CCA treated hardwood, it’s not available now though for the following reason. The difference is that Softwood is what we call Open Grain timber and Hardwood is a Closed Grain timber, the CCA treatment wasn’t […]


Your Landscape Design and Home Garden.

People who own properties that are either/near level can think about importing soil to add more character to their home garden, it’s not just the plan view shape that adds variety but also altitude. Raising garden beds into slight humps will also provide variety to your overall landscape design.     Of course don’t build […]


The tools I need to build a Timber Retaining Wall.

When building a Retaining wall from timber you will need all the typical carpenters tools as well as a good range of gardening tools. These are tools that you will need for any kind of landscape project and if you have to purchase them then you will have them for many future jobs as well. […]