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What tools do I need for laying Pavers?

The basic tools needed for paver laying are tools that are generally used for a lot or other jobs as well, but there are some specialist tools for the keen paver that will make the job a lot easier in spite of their expense. Hiring these tools is a very good option if your work […]


Types of soil

So Dirt is actually not the right term to explain the complex continuously growing media that plant life needs to…well…grow. Soil is composed of bacteria and microorganisms that assist decomposing organic matter into nutrients that enrich the soil.     As landscapers will state some soils can be better than others when it comes to […]


Plant, Soil – Relationship

    Choosing the right Plant Soil combination is one of the most interesting dilemmas a gardener has to face. In order to understand how we could go about this, we must first understand how soil itself is defined. One definition has described it as the unconsolidated mineral or organic material on the immediate surface […]