Working out the drainage plan for your home and Landscape design can turn into a nightmare if you don’t start with a few basic procedures, so I have outlined some points that I hope will help.

The first and most important is to establish where your outlet is going to be and by this I am talking about whether you are plumbed out to the street in the form of a stormwater pipe or do you have an easement nearby or do you plumb into a soaker pit, usually if your house is lower than the road then this will be your option.

Once this has been worked out then that will determine the level that your drainage can work to. You cannot go lower or it will NOT drain!!! It’s fairly easy to establish this too by means of a water level. you can see how to make one by watching the video I made. Make a water level

Be careful connecting to your stormwater system though, the pipes are usually designed for the roof size and the flow off that you will get from that when it storms, mind you some are better than others at achieving this….is that what you were thinking…yes I know!!
But if the pipes can handle the roof and what you plan on plumbing into them then go ahead….but if not then you will have to lay more pipes. How to tell is to see the volume of water coming out of your final exit point during a big storm, and you will be able to determine whether you are able to add any more or not.

Your drainage plan will then need to take into consideration the following:

These are the types of things you will need to consider and if you plan for the drainage when doing this kind of work or any changes to improve them, then you won’t go far wrong.