It should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway… that some garden beds will need a drainage system put in place, this can be as simple as you like, from collecting the water deeper in your garden beds by means of an agg line or even using a combination of multiple lines that all come to a point and joined to one or two pipes.

Whichever you decide it’s can be quite important depending on your plants. Some plants will not want to have boggy soil so you will need to drain it. Terraced gardens that have been built with retaining walls is an area that will need a drainage system, if not then all the draining water from the top level will end up seeping into the lower one.

Agg pipes are the best for this but install the agg line that is socked, which means they have a white nylon filtered cover placed over the length of the pipe. These can be placed directly in the soil without the need for gravel. Gravel around the pipe is even better but not necessary.

These pipes can be placed just inside the borders edge or the lowest points of your garden and then connect them to a larger stormwater pipe for transporting the water elsewhere.

This is particularly important if you have imported a load of soil and placed on top of a rock bed, or even hard ground, for that matter, if it has had a border built up to contain the soil then this will naturally hold water and will need to have drainage of some kind.


Remember you can use the same agg line to deep water your garden too, this is often a process that is overlooked with the use of these pipes, as well as they are used for the purpose to collect water, you can use them to disperse water as well. You just need to have a portion of the pipe coming out of the ground that you can fill with water from a hose and then leave the agg line to disperse the water to the ground you’ve laid it in.