It has become quite fashionable of late for people to include a garden bridge in their landscape design, Just because you might not have a huge garden or very elaborate for that matter, I wouldn’t disregard the idea.

They may be just the thing you need to add a bit more character to your garden and are really quite easy to install. Many garden centres have premade bridges of different sizes as well as designs and colours, and depending on your theme, will depend on the type you would go for.

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Even online has become quite good for purchasing these for the garden as well as providing lots of designs and ideas for small, medium and large gardens who just want to add a touch more class.

If you are handy with timber work then you will quite easily be able to construct one yourself. My advice would be to keep the size relative to the size of your garden, ‘small garden equals small bridge’ this way the bridge will not look out of place and will draw attention to the area you wish.

Remember you do not have to have water for the bridge to cross, although that is always an added bonus, but you can use the bridge along a garden path, or just set in the corner of a part of your garden to use as an ornament. Whatever the use, it will definitely be the cause of many conversations once it’s installed, bringing added value and beauty to your landscape design.

So give it some thought and have a great day.