Garden Furniture.

If you are like me, you love the stroll through your garden, and I’ve talked about creating the “Element of surprise” in my newsletter on several occasions, but one of the most pleasurable times is when you are able to meander down or around your garden, knowing that you are going to come across a garden setting, only if it means to sit and relax for 5 minutes and absorb the view and smell of your flowers.

Now in spite of the practical use of outside garden furniture, the setting also provides a picturesque feature to a corner of lawn or an alcove that you are not sure what to do with, or even an invitation to enter that part of the garden that has been carefully crafted to escape to, maybe next to a small pond and fountain or a particular flower or shrub.

Whatever the reason, I’m a great lover of furniture placed throughout the garden. I will always try and include it as a feature and create a theme around the setting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a setting the you will sit down at, it can be one that is placed there just for the look of it. A little steal table and two chairs will often do the trick, just enough to provide a theme.

Single park like benches are also a great setting or a sleeper laid flat and supported by two posts, whatever type of setting you want to create remember the garden is meant to be enjoyed, so create a part of your garden where you can sit and just absorb…
Take care.