Ornaments can be used in the garden for all kinds of reasons, but the main reason for garden ornaments is simply to add character and create a particular theme in your landscape design. For example, a country theme might have objects throughout the garden that will give a country atmosphere. Old wagon wheels, ploughs etc.

There are cottage themes that will have certain objects just scattered randomly where as some of the other themes like a Japanese garden where everything has a certain place.

Objects and ornaments can vary from being a big natural rock or log strategically placed,

Statues of all kinds, water features whether wall mounted or ponds are another common feature in gardens to give extra character.

Lamp posts  –  Screens  –  Bench seats  –  Little garden feature bridges  –  Old garden tools  –  Water bird baths  –  Ornamental bird houses  –  Archways  –  Small farming equipment

These are just a selection of the possibilities, only your imagination will limit you but always remember, try to work to a particular theme. Themes however can vary throughout the home garden as long as the blending from one to the other is done well. Sometimes these themes can be separated with a screen and as you walk through you are into the next one and so on.

Your objects and ornaments must be placed tastefully throughout your home garden, you don’t want them to stand out too much but rather have a mystery about them, as if carrying a story or a piece of history that will provoke a thought when seen. Blend them in with plants that won’t take over them but harness them so they become a part of the landscape design.

All the best with your project.