I need to discuss the safety aspect of your pond really before getting into the next theme as I have some critical points to make as well as some suggestions to overcome some of the problems.

The fact that you have an outside power point near your pond to run the pump becomes a hazard in itself, ensuring that young children cannot get access to this is a must of course, but there are some others to consider….

Child attracted to the fountain.

Child attracted to the fountain.

The safety for toddlers and young children is paramount in your garden so the problem that you will create with a pond is obvious. Children will always be attracted to water…
There is a fascination there that we have all experienced at one time or another, even now,  the beauty of a pond or water feature is still enticing.

There are several things that can be done to make your pond safer, but none can replace adult supervision….

That probably goes without saying, but I said it anyway…

One of the safest measures you can do is to create an outside room, this is one of my favourites, because at the same time of the area safe you are creating another theme for your garden.

The idea is to restrict the access to an area whether it be by brick or stone walls, hedges, an internal fence or just thick garden beds that cannot be walked through.

These are built or placed for the sole purpose of creating an outside room that has one access through a gate, table and chairs can be placed in this area even making it your entertaining spot, but the point is to have it so small children don’t have free access to it without an adult present.
Another safety aspect you can think about for your pond, is to set it back into your garden with a wider border around it. This will only really deal with the accidental fall in, as you will still need to get access to it yourself for maintenance.

If you are not keeping any fish you can make sure that your pond is shallow enough and the general rule of thumb is 6” or 150mm deep, this will enable children that are likely to be near the pond who are at risk are able to get out without any harm coming to them.

If however you do intend to keep fish then you will need to have deeper parts of your pond for the fish sake, so I would design it so these areas are at the back of the pond, maybe block it off from young children, allowing adults only for maintenance purposes.

You can have a raised water feature that doesn’t have access to ground level, like if it were in a large planter box, and can have some plants around it, I would generally place this along one of your borders not stuck out in the middle, although that would work with certain designs.. To have a brick wall with this as an extension out from the wall will always look nice keeping your plants fairly low and small so as not to close you in at head height.

I love different water features but it’s so important to keep your garden safe at the same time. Remember to enjoy your garden.