People who own properties that are either/near level can think about importing soil to add more character to their home garden, it’s not just the plan view shape that adds variety but also altitude. Raising garden beds into slight humps will also provide variety to your overall landscape design.


Of course don’t build up against fences or any other material that has not been designed to hold that soil, you can place a number of rocks just in the garden that will raise the level of the soil enough to give it a bit more character.

For even more character in your home garden if you have a large area to do something with then build a small wall in a particular shape in the middle or to one end, that will give you a raised garden bed, this will obviously be more formal than just a few rocks but it may suite your theme better. Play around with your landscape design as much as possible before committing to the work, Ideas for your home garden will evolve easily if you think outside the box, so to speak…


A very natural look is to just ramp the soil up fairly shallow so as it wont wash the edge and when it’s mulched will look just like it was always there. Even just a couple of rocks, placed at the base with maybe on protruding from the soil keeping it very natural.

Plants like ground covers are always good on a mound, they have a better chance of being noticed as well and will help contain the soil.

The plan view of the edge of your gardens are also very important to the theme of your home garden. I personally like slow shapes to the edges bit I have done many jobs where the client want straight edges, square corners and so on. This has it’s place and is all relative to themes in the home and garden,

So think outside the box when you’re planning this side of your landscape and be pleasantly creative. So whether you are building a garden at home or someone else’s, keep the same principles.

All the best with your project.