I don’t think there is anything more pleasing to the eye in a garden than a lovely groomed lawn, however the reality is that this takes a lot of work to maintain and create. So before you go down this path, be aware that the result you are looking for might not be achievable depending upon a few factors.

The time you have available to create and look after this masterpiece, the money you are willing to spend on keeping this groundcover in tip top shape and the knowledge you are prepared to research to stay on top of your lawns needs.

I have just listed some very basics here that you will have to consider, but by no means is this a complete guide, look at it as a description of what you will need to attend to if you are wanting a beautiful lawn.

First up, there is a distinct difference between a lawn and a patch of grass no matter how large, if you know what I mean…! most people are happy with grass in the back or front yard and it’s just a surface of green that they walk on or the kids play on. It provides the colour they want to separate their garden beds and overall looks quite nice.

However, the true lawn enthusiast looks at it different. They will be inspecting their patch regularly for any indiscretions. This could be diseases, weeds, growth patterns and such like, this will cause them to act immediately to rectify and take the required action to deal with any of these before they become a major problem.

Regularly the soil is to be aerated, more so in spring, this will allow the lawn to breath and the water to soak in, both are essential for a thick lawn growth. Watering has to be regular and especially paying attention to the hotter months of summer, when the lawn is in its growing season and in general will need at least 25mm (1”) per week.

Fertilising really needs to be done twice a year, for the start of the growing months you will need to have a rich Nitrogen based fertilizer and for the Autumn time when the lawn is starting to slow down in its growth you will need a Phosphate based. Potash will also be good at this time as it provides Potassium for your lawn. Do your research with organic fertilizers as these will be best, not just for your lawn but for your garden overall, they last longer and are safer to use.

The weed control program and believe me when I say it’s a program, will require you to know sooner rather than later how to deal with what else will be wanting to invade your lawn. Fighting for position, weeds will always want to take over and it’s your job to keep them at bay.

Mowing and maintaining the borders, well it should go without saying, has to be regular. Remember depending on the type of grass that you have, will depend upon how long you allow it to grow before the cut. Optimum health of this plant will require the blade of grass to be kept between a certain length, cut it too short and you will just be damaging your grasses chance to grow well.

So all in all, the lawn you wish to have, will always boil down to the time, money and knowledge you are prepared to learn in order to get the best results you are happy with. I’d like to stress here that it’s important that the result ONLY has to be the one you are happy with, because after all, it’s your lawn.

Take care.