So what’s the real purpose of Outdoor Lighting in your garden, well I don’t know about you but I love being with friends on a summers evening and looking out over the garden that has been cleverly lit up with a variety of lights. So I just wanted to write this posts and perhaps inspire you to at least give it some thought for your own garden.

Probable the most important thing to remember though, when it comes to outdoor lighting is not to overdo it. Subtlety is the key to success with your lighting. And fortunately there is plenty of variety of lights to choose from, giving you the best opportunity to create your masterpiece of night lights.

The flood lights which are used to light up larger areas, are ideal for your Entertainment and Courtyards, especially while all the prep work and cooking of food is being done, but then have some dainty fairy lights fixed up underneath a pergola or roof structure, which are very effective in providing an elegant atmosphere while eating.

Amber bulbs are also good to provide just that little bit extra when it comes to atmosphere, especially in the garden set up as what we call up lights. This is where the light is placed in such a fashion close to the ground and shine diagonally upwards usually into a fairly well established tree. Blue and green bulbs are also good to have for this. Just remember that the colour of the bulbs is strictly up to your taste.

Pathway lights are always a good investment, lighting up the edges of your paths and driveway, these can come in low voltage and solar, so you are able to install them yourselves.

If you have a water feature in your garden then it’s just crying out for some night lights, especially if it has a fountain feature as well, night lights just seem to bring it to life.



I’d like to stress again to be subtle, the temptation to have more lights will really only take away from the effect and ruin your chances to create something spectacular. When choosing your outdoor lighting, the colour of your bulbs, and particularly the trees and shrubs you pick must be selected to provide a balance of lighting in your garden.

Not necessarily mirror from each side but a nice compromising balance opposite each other, so as you look down your garden it will be just as nice on each side.

Remember when placing your lights keep them easy accessible for changing bulbs or cleaning, maintenance is always important and you just don’t want to make it hard for yourself.

If you can always think about this kind of addition to your landscaping when you are doing your hard surfaces to be placing a small pipe under paths and drives to handle the electric cables, I know it’s not always possible but if you have the chance put some pipes in even if you never use them straight away, it’s always something that you will be glad you did later on in time.

All the best with your outdoor lighting projects and take care.


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