Part two in “Where do we start” we will be discussing the aspect to your landscaping such things as your Entertainment areas and play areas.

Let’s start with your Entertainment Area…. This is of course where you wish to do most if not all of your outside entertaining. Most of the time this is an area directly connected to the house, this is usually only for convenience purposes but it is often a great idea to have it set in the garden, close to the house but separate. The reason I say this is because you have more scope to provide the exact atmosphere you wish from the garden point of view. You can include a surrounding pond and waterway with a bridge access, creating an island effect. The lighting can be up lights in the garden and lanterns set around the boundary, all providing a more pleasant atmosphere than that of the harsh house lighting.

As far as the ground surface is concerned you can either have brick paving or paver slabs, concreting although I would recommend either coloured or stencil, another idea which is slightly softer is a timber platform built like a deck,

Water features I like too in this area as the sound always add to the atmosphere.

Screens whether structured like a solid brick wall, or pillars and timber, or even shrubs trimmed to a hedge will always give a good private feeling, A pergola over head is often a nice touch providing a frame to attach lighting too for evening and night time parties.

So it’s important to think outside the box with these areas and to be as creative as possible, your family and friends will love the times spent there I am sure.

So as far as play areas for kids it’s really important you consider the safety of you children above all else. Things to consider with these areas are line of sight to where you spend most of your time in the house, the safety of the equipment, is it correct for their age group.

Play areas will of course change as they get older, more space is required for their ball games and running, this can often be difficult to factor in but nevertheless should be considered if possible.

It’s often a good idea to keep the entertainment area a bit of distance away from where kids will play but still in sight, this will allow your guest adults to talk but still keep an eye on their kids.

Planning these areas is important for their success, designing them with your personal touch is a lot of fun and can make such a difference to the outcome.