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Woodworking Projects have been a major part of my construction experience and so I thought it fitting to have a look at what is available on the market to help out in this area.

If you have attempted any DIY project before you’ll certainly be aware of the importance of a good plan, well woodworking projects are NO different. woodworking projects

In fact they are probably more important than most, if you are cutting up timber you’ll need to know exactly the measurement required, whether it’s an inside measurement or an outside one, Good planning is essential. 

So before you start any of your woodworking projects the first step is to get hold of a good plan.

Woodworking PlansIt can be fairly easy when you consider that we have the internet and there’s a wealth of knowledge out there. There's Forum's you can join, eBooks you can download, Youtube videos you can watch as well as Amazon’s products, But Step by Step plans like these with as much detail as you need make it so much easier to do a good job.

But obtaining the knowledge on how to do it as a DIY project is different from actually doing it and doing it right. There’s a basic amount of skill required and an understanding of how to work with timber in general.

Like I mentioned in Woodworking Projects, start off with the smaller, less complicated project and work your way up, obtaining the skill level as you go, this will not only give you the confidence but the skill to build the more complicated projects later.


Here is a product that I strongly endorse… 16000 plans  are available for all kinds of woodworking projects and not just those to do with Landscaping.

There are 150 extra videos for timber projects that you can easily follow along with. 

Different levels of skill from beginner to trade, are all catered for. On top of that you get a full 60 day guaranty if you are not happy. I think it’s a NO Brainer… if you are serious about your woodworking then this is a must.

 Plus more Bonuses... So head over to the sales page and have a look... I think you will be plesently surprised...

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