When building a Retaining wall from timber you will need all the typical carpenters tools as well as a good range of gardening tools. These are tools that you will need for any kind of landscape project and if you have to purchase them then you will have them for many future jobs as well. These tools which are listed below, will be responsible for the quality of work to a certain extent, so it’s well worth obtaining good quality ones first up.



These are the tools that I use to build a Timber Retaining Wall:

> A good claw hammer and maybe a nail punch

> Power saw or what is sometimes more convenient to use is an electric chain saw.

> Set of saw horses.

> Set square.

> Measuring tape, an 8m retractable as well as a 30m for measuring your line.

> 1.2m (4ft) level.

> Post hole shovel, crow bar, mattock and wheel barrow, as well as any other line clearing tools you may consider for your particular job.

> You may also consider a cement mixer, even if it means just hiring one for the day. You are still able to mix in the barrow though. You may also prefer to just purchase the bagged concrete, in some cases they can be more convenient.

> String lines, pencil markers and pegs etc.

Everyone will have their own tools and make do with them for the job, so although these are the tools I would use they are only my recommendations, it’s not essential you have all of these before you start.

Always as a point to stress, use the PPE Personal Protective Equipment recommended for any tool or equipment. No job is worth doing if it means even the possibility of injury.

Tools are made to make our life and work easier so use them correctly and in a fashion they were designed for.

All the best with your project.