Well here’s a tip for all of you who want to transform your backyard and create something special….Install a Water Feature. The sound of water for a long time has been creating peaceful and tranquil environments, giving pleasure to the true garden enthusiast.

The main thing you have to decide is which one to install. There are basically three types to consider, and here I will say a little about each.

First there is the basic Pond.

This is just a single containment of water, either by a fibreglass/plastic mould or concreted base or such like, A hole will have to be dug to the shape and size of what you will require, if you are concreting the pond then remember that you will have to dig it out much bigger to cater for the concrete. Rocks and soil can then be place around the edge of your pond to add to the landscape and you will be ready to then add your water plants and possible fish. See many designs for Ponds and Lakes

The next feature to consider is a Fountain.

These would have to be one of the easiest to install as many of these features just come in kit form now, with a lot of hardware’s and garden centres selling all you need. You can place a fountain setup with the pump and spout in your pond if you like, this will certainly add to its effect, all you will need is a power supply for the pump to run. Most pumps will come with a fountain spout but check when you purchase to make sure as there are still some that don’t. The effect you will achieve and the sound produced from the water spraying out of the pond is beautiful. See many designs for Fountains.

Many Fountain designs.

Get Many Fountain designs.

The third would be the water fall feature.

This is a little more complicated but worth the effort as it is more natural than a fountain, it basically requires at least two ponds with one being set on higher ground than the other. Water will then just flow from one to the other with a pump pumping the water up to the higher pond from the lower one. This may require you to consult with a professional but if you are confident enough then have a go. Multiple layers can be created and this is what is referred to as a cascade. Depending on your pump and the rate of flow with the water then a fair sound can be produced.