The basic tools needed for paver laying are tools that are generally used for a lot or other jobs as well, but there are some specialist tools for the keen paver that will make the job a lot easier in spite of their expense. Hiring these tools is a very good option if your work is just a one off but if you intend on working in the trade then they will become an essential part of you tool collection.

Let’s start with the basics first.

> A level in both 1200mm (4’) and 600mm (2’). Try and make the water level as described in the water level section, you will certainly be able to use for other work as well !

> A rubber mallet, occasionally you will need to persuade a paver to do the right thing and obey your command, this tool comes in handy for that very thing.

> A Set square and marker, use a permanent marker so it doesn’t wash off while you are cutting the pavers, you will have to make sure that you cut through the line so as not to leave any marker residue left on the paver, this will be quite noticeable especially on the light coloured pavers.

> A String line or two depending on the size of the job. This will help keep your pavers straight when laying.

> A concrete screed or a good straight piece of timber.

> Then you will have all your digging tools to prepare the site, Shovels, Mattock or Picks, maybe a crow bar, Wheel barrow or whatever else you will need to dig the area down to the level you need to prepare the subgrade.

> Some boards to stand on the pavers with.

Now for the more specialist tools

You will still need these to do a proper job but you may consider hiring them when the time comes.

> A vibrating plate. This you will need if you are paving a driveway to compact the Road Base.

> A brick saw obviously for all the cutting, sometimes for the smaller jobs you may consider an angle grinder with a premium multi blade, you just have to make sure the paver is well supported and fixed before starting the cut.

> A concrete mixer, this is more of an option because you can mix in the barrow, it just takes a lot longer and is more tiring at the end of the day. Paving is tiring enough without making extra work for yourself if you can help it.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

It’s advisable you wear them when needed.

Goggles, Earmuffs or Ear plugs, gloves are handy too, knee pads or a piece of sponge to kneel on, also let’s not forget the steel cap boots.