Like any trade there are tools that are absolutely necessary to have. I’m a great believer in that if you are going to do a job you’d best do it right. Whether it’s your ability or the tools you have, you need enough of both to attempt any job, or seriously, you are better off getting someone in to do the work for you. Now, having said that, I have listed here the types of tools you will need if you intend to build Timber Projects around the home.

Let’s start with the absolute basics.

A Good Claw Hammer and a variety of Nail Punches, at least two sizes. Tape measure, Chippy’s pencil, String line or a Chalk line. A chisel,¬†at least two sizes, Hand saw, Set square, Screw drivers, A variety of Clamps, Electric Drill and a large variety of Drill bits, Extension Cords.

The above list is the basic tools you will need to be able to construct most home backyard projects, there are of course a variety of tools that will make your work a lot easier as well as quicker. and these consist of the following.

These tools are for the more enthusiast.

An Electric Compound Mitre Saw, this can be used for cutting wider planks of timber as well as the angles often necessary.

Power Saws, both 7″ and 9″, both will be need at different times.

Saw Bench where you can rip down any timber.

A Jig Saw, this can be used for cutting curves in thinner pieces of wood.

Cordless kit, now available for so many tools, Simply for the convenience of not having an electric cord around your work area.

Nail Guns, also for convenience and speed of the work, sometimes you are holding the piece of timber in place and you need to fix it off. Remember for outside work it is always better to use Gal nails.

Electric Router, great for setting hinges etc.

A Hammer drill with masonry drill bits, you will at some stage need to fix to bricks or concrete and you need a drill that can handle this work.
Now there are a lot of other tools that will really only apply to special jobs so when planning a particular project think of the tools you will require before starting. Either cost the purchase of these into your job or consider hiring them.

As far as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), you will need the following.

Ear muffs or Ear plugs, which ever you desire to wear.

Eye protection that is rated for safety, don’t just wear sun glasses or rely on prescription glasses to do the job.

Some jobs you may need a hard hat.

A Breathing mask.

Safety boots.

and last but not least for some jobs you may need gloves.


Always remember when using any tool always work to the design and safety and ability of that tool. Accidents happen more times than not, when a tool is being used out side its limitations.