In general, woodworking projects are a great thing to turn your hand to, many people are a bit nervous at first and this is normal but I’ve been building projects out of wood for many years and I can tell in all honesty, it’s easier than you might think. There are a few guidelines however, that you must apply no matter what project you are building, but if you follow them you are off to a good start.



The first thing you must consider of course is how serious you are going to be about your woodworking, and the reason I say this is because it will determine how much money you will want to invest in a handful of basic but essential tools, enabling you to do a better job each time. Of course this doesn’t just apply to Landscaping projects, I’ve built many home furniture items as well, I’ve started off with a shelf unit, then dining table, cabinets for our Tv and Hifi, to toy boxes, desks and many more, it’s just something I really enjoy doing and get a great deal of satisfaction from.

Woodworking will always be a part of my life and the more you do the better you get, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect” so just have a go and I’m sure if you are keen enough you will surprise yourself. As far as the tools I think you should have as a basic kit are as follows:

  • A work bench, preferably one that is a good height where you can avoid bending at all to work on your project, tell you what, if you don’t have one, then maybe make this your first project.
  • Then you will need a variety of hand tools like, a Set Square, Ruler and Tape Measure, Pencils, Spirit Level, Straight Edge, Screw Drivers, Hammers, a variety of Clamps, Hand Saws although we can and is preferable to use Power Saws,
  • So the power tools that you will be needing, and this is where investing your money comes in will be a Circular Saw preferably a 9″ for the depth of cut, Jig saw, Drill with at least 1/2 ” Chuck, Belt Sander, Orbital Sander, Plainer, 1/2″ Plunge Router.
  • A set of Saw Horses are very handy also.
  • Not to forget the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) goggles, ear plugs etc.



If you are a serious woodworker then there will be many other types of tools and equipment you will probably end up investing in, saw benches, drop saws, sliding compound saws, drill press etc. but for now we will stick to the basics to get started. So whatever woodworking project you decide to start working on, these tools will get you going and not only that, they will enable you to master the craft of woodworking.

Your outside and Landscape woodworking projects will be the likes of Pergolas, Fences, Decking Platforms, Timber Retaining Walls, Bridges, Raised Veggie Gardens, Entertainment Furniture, Garden Ornaments like Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Planter boxes etc. there are so many Projects you will be able to turn your hands to.

My main advice would be to start with the very simple projects and hone your skills, then move up to the bigger woodworking projects and if you are like me, the slightly more complicated, will no longer be as off putting as when you started.

Apart from the tools and your skill level the next most important thing to consider are the plans, getting hold of a good set of plans can make the task at hand so much easier, following them can work in your favour as you achieve a small bit at a time.

The product that I am recommending for your plans is Teds Woodworking” there are 16000 woodworking projects, with an additional 150 videos showing more projects, where you are able to just follow along. everything is covered from the blue prints, plans, material lists


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